How To Cook A Bug Platter In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Aniket Maurya
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Simba and Nala, the beloved couple is now ready to join your adventures in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, you will have to complete certain tasks before it happens. All you got to do is complete the Eyes in the Dark questline to bring this iconic duo into action. On one spot, Simba will ask you to cook a Bug Platter for Nala. Doing so will help you gain Simba’s trust even more. Moreover, a delicious meal is always welcomed. That being said, here’s how you can cook a 5-star Bug Platter in Dreamlight Valley during the Eyes in the Dark quest.

How to Make a 5-Star Bug Platter in Dreamlight Valley

Like every other dish in this game, you will have to collect ingredients to cook a Bug Platter too. In this case, you need to collect 3 types of Bugs that include a Colorful Bug, a Red Bug, and a Slimy Bug as ingredients. Luckily, collecting such Bugs is the task you receive before cooking the Platter. So, you will know where to collect all 3 of these ingredients before cooking Bug Platter.

How to Make a 5-Star Bug Platter in Dreamlight Valley
Image Source – Bazzy (YouTube)

Once you have collected them, head over to a cooking station and use the following items:

  • 2x Colorful Bugs
  • 2x Red Bugs
  • 1x Slimy Bug

Upon completing the cooking process, you will obtain a Bug Platter in Dreamlight Valley. Further, head over to Simba and Nala to give them the 5-star Bug Platter. After this, you will be helping out and both of them fending off the Hyenas. Eventually in the process, Nala and Simba will visit your island in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

That covers everything about cooking a Bug Platter in Disney Dreamlight Valley. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Dreamlight Valley Guides on cooking Fruit Cake and Meringue Pie.