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How To Extract In Dark And Darker

Here's a simple guide on how to extract in Dark and Darker.

Knowing how to extract in Dark and Darker will get you out of many sticky situations. In this fantasy PvPvE adventure game, you will enter a dungeon full of treasure. But it will be filled with monsters, traps, and other treasure hunters like you. You can kill them to get their loot but the same thing can happen to you. If you die, you lose all your hard-earned treasure. By extracting, you can escape the dungeon with your loot. Since it’s a new game, players are looking for ways to escape before getting eliminated, and this guide will help you with it.

How to Extract in Dark and Darker

Open the Blue Headstone Portal by pressing the F Key

In this game, the dungeons you explore have floors or levels. As you go deeper, you will face stronger monsters and their frequency will increase. But, those levels are full of better rewards. So, if you feel like you have collected enough loot, you can opt to escape the level by using a Blue Headstone. Now, these are not placed at specific locations but appear randomly. If you are near their spawn, then you will hear a rumbling sound as they appear. Along with that, you will receive a notification on the top-right corner of the screen.

Once you find the Blue Headstone, you can interact with it by pressing the F key to open an escape portal and extract in Dark and Darker. You can choose to activate it and explore more before returning to it. Once opened, they stay there until they are used. However, other players can steal them so make sure someone guards them. Similarly, you will find Red Headstones. These will take you even deeper into the dungeons so make sure you are fully equipped before opening them. The rewards there are great but your chances of dying increase.

That’s everything on how to Extract in Dark and Darker. For more helpful guides like How to Heal, visit GamerTweak soon.