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Raft: How To Get Explosive Powder

Here is your guide on how to get explosive powder in Raft.

Explosive powder in Raft is a material that is used to create Net Canisters. You can easily use this to capture and tame all kinds of livestock in the game. Apart from this, the explosive powder is also used to craft firework rockets in the game. This powder is very useful and finding it is of utmost priority. In this guide, you will find out how to get and use explosive powder in Raft.

Raft: How to Get and Forge Explosive Powder?


Raft Explosive Powder: How To Get It?

Here is how you can get and forge explosive powder in Raft.

How to Get Explosive Powder


To get your own explosive powder in Raft, you will need to get and kill pufferfish. You can do this by using a net launcher or a melee weapon in the game. It will take around four successful hits to kill with a net launcher or melee weapon.

There are a couple of locations where you may have a high chance of finding pufferfish. These are as follows:

  • Islands that show up as green on the receiver.
  • Below debris floating on the reef around big islands that have animals on them.
  • Below debris floating around shipwrecks.


Using a regular melee weapon like a spear is difficult. Getting too close to a full-blown puffer will lead to it exploding and damaging you instead. The distance to maintain between you and the puffer is hard to determine and so, you should probably just go with a net launcher instead.

How to Forge Explosive Powder

Once you get the pufferfish, you will also get explosive goo that you can forge explosive powder with. To do this, you will have to go to the raft. There, you must go to your furnace/smelter. Just like with iron, copper, and seaweed, you will need to keep it on the furnace till it becomes explosive powder.


Just like with everything else in the game, you will need to first research the item before you can use it. This will mean that your first set of explosive goo will go as research material. And so, you will need to kill two pufferfish to actually get your first set of explosive powder.

This was your guide on how to get explosive powder in Raft. While you’re here, why don’t you check out this guide on how to build a successful beehive in Raft.