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Raft: How To Build A Beehive With Honey

This is your guide on how to build a successful beehive in Raft.

If you want to have a successful beehive in Raft, you’re gonna have to put in a lot of time and effort. This Beehive is very important to get important resources like honey. Honey can be used as a nutritious substance, as a healing salve, and as a biofuel. If you too want to get your own beehive in Raft then this is the guide for you!

What is the Best Way to Craft and Place a Beehive in Raft

Raft: How To Build A Successful Beehive With Honey

To start building beehives, you will first need to reach the Vasagatan shipwreck on Balboa Island. Make sure to watch out for bears while there. If one comes to attack you, kill it first then continue. Once there, you will need to find some bees to populate your beehive. To do this, you must first get a Sweep Net. To make one, you will need to get the following items.

  • 15 Planks
  • 6 Ropes
  • 2 Vine Goo
  • Bolt

After this, you will need to get to an island that is populated with bees and honeycombs. Now, use the Sweep Net to catch a swarm of bees. They will then be put in a bee jar within your inventory.

Now that you have the bees, it is time to craft a beehive. Research a beehive and honeycomb from your inventory and then you can start crafting one yourself. Use the following items to craft one yourself.

  • 20x Planks
  • 8x Plastic
  • 4x Clay
  • 2x Hinge
  • 15x Bee Jar

You will now have a beehive on your hands! It is now time to get honey from it.

How to Farm Honey From the Beehive

Just building a beehive isn’t enough. You need to make it successful by farming honey from the same. To do this, you will need to plant flowers in a Crop Plot that is close to the beehive. Each beehive requires specific flowers, look at the bottom panel of the hive. The more flowers that you have, the more honey you will get. Here are the flower-to-honeycomb ratios for each beehive:

  • 1-5 Flowers: 1 Honeycomb
  • 6+: 2 Honeycomb
  • 12+: 3 Honeycomb

Surround your beehive from all sides with small crop plots. It is best to have three flowers in each plot for maximum efficiency.

This was your guide on how to build a successful beehive in Raft. If you enjoy playing raft then check out this guide on how to fight the rhino shark boss in Raft.