How To Get Explosive Arrows In Minecraft?

In this guide, you'll learn how you can make arrows that explode on impact in Minecraft!

Minecraft keeps fascinating gamers with all the discoveries the game keeps bringing, with explosive arrows being one of them. If you’ve played the game for a while you won’t find this unfamiliar at all. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get your bow to shoot arrows that explode!

How to Make Explosive Arrows in Minecraft?


Minecraft and its community of gamers always manage to find ways to make the game more interesting. Explosive arrows are just another example of this. Follow the undermentioned steps to create arrows that explode on impact once shot from your bow:

  1. Firstly, when you’re creating your new world- You’ll need to enable cheats.
  2. Now pull up your command bar.
  3. The key bind for the command bar is C but some editions also use /or ~ or \.
  4. In the box that appears, make sure any command you type begins with a / you will need this for the explosive arrows procedure in Minecraft.
  5. Now in the space, enter:
    • /give @s command_block.
  6. This will get you a command block.
  7. Now get a Redstone repeater and a Redstone comparator in your inventory to use.
  8. Place down your command block and in the options that appear, input or select the following:
    • Block Type: Repeat
    • Condition: Unconditional
    • Redstone: Always Active
  9. Select Command Input and type the following:
    • testfor @e[type=arrow].
  10. Next, place a Redstone comparator in front of the command block and follow up by placing 2 Redstone repeaters in front of them in a line.
  11. Place another command block in front of the Redstone repeaters, and repeat by placing another Redstone repeater followed by another command block.
  12. In the command closest to the first block, enter or select the following:
    • Block Type: Impulse
    • Condition: Unconditional
    • Redstone: Needs Redstone
  13. Once again, select Command Input and type the following:
    • execute @e[type=arrow] ~~~ summon tnt_minecart ~~~ mincraft:on_instant_prime
  14. Follow the same for the final command box but in the command input type the following:
    • kill @e[type=arrow]
  15. On firing, your arrows will now explode!

We hope you liked this guide! It was meant to teach you how to create explosive arrows in Minecraft. If you play Minecraft a lot, check out this cool guide on how to make a spectral arrow in Minecraft!