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Exos Heroes Tier List 2023

This is the complete Exos Heroes Tier List for 2023.

Want to know about the character tier list of Exos Heroes? We have got you covered with the complete list of characters that you can choose from for your team. These heroes are divided into tiers based on their powers and abilities. We have even mentioned their elemental abilities so that you can make an informed choice. All the heroes mentioned here are divided into their specific categories based on our opinion of the game. With the being said let’s look at the complete heroes tier list.

Exos Heroes Tier List 2023

Exos Heroes Tier List


These are the best of the best. They have strong stats and are a valuable addition to the team.

  • Rachel (Fire)
  • Garp (Light)
  • Bathory(Frost)


This group of heroes can hold their own against enemies. They provide good buffs to the entire team.

  • Baraka (Mecha)
  • Bernadette (Frost)
  • Shufraken (Shadow)
  • Xiakhan (Frost)


They obviously shouldn’t be your first choice but act as good backups for the A-Tier heroes. A good option to fill up your team.

  • Jinai (Nature)
  • Anastasia (Frost)
  • Emma (Shadow)
  • Uloom (Mecha)


The midway heroes, not too good, not too bad.

  • Sabrina (Fire)
  • Bernabas (Mecha)
  • Chati (Nature)
  • Rudley (Nature)


These heroes should be your last-ditch option when it comes to filling up your team. They are pretty weak and should be left alone unless you don’t have any other option.

  • Talia (Nature)
  • Ramge (Healer)
  • Mahar (Mecha)


They are at the end of the list. That should tell you enough about these heroes. Better to leave them to their own devices.

  • Magi (Fire)
  • Bailesh (Shadow)
  • Shell (Mecha)
  • Valar (Nature)

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