Replay Mode In Meet Your Maker: How To Exit & Control It

Take a look at the controls to Exit, & Watch Replay Mode in Meet Your Maker.

It’s not only you, many players are stuck in Replay mode in Meet Your Maker and are unable to exit. As we are familiar with, the game features a Replay Station, that lets you watch your and other raiders raid. However, it’s considered to be very useful and also troublesome at the same time. That is because the game doesn’t explain the controls to close the Replay mode. Which forces the players to restart the game. If you are coming across the same issue, then we are here to help. Below are all the control details you need to use the Replay Station.

How Can I Exit Replay Mode in Meet Your Maker

How to Control Replay Station in MYM is it broken bugs & errors
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In Meet Your Maker to exit the Replay Mode simply open the Game Menu & press the prompt ‘Back to Sanctuary‘ button. As of now, the prompt button only appears after you launch the Game Menu. Once you press it, you’ll find yourself back in the Sanctuary. Just like this issue, many players are also reporting other bugs with the Replay Station. So in this case, we recommend you avoid using this feature until the developers fix it. However, if it’s working fine for you, then scroll down for more details about how you can control the Replay Station.

How to Control Replay Station in MYM

In MYM, the control prompt buttons are located on the top of your screen, after you launch a replay. There you’ll find all kinds of controls to ease & speed up the process. Such as buttons to disable FPP, Move the camera position, Forward, Rewind, Slow down, Pause, and more. So simply head into your Sanctuary and start watching the replays to get a better perspective for your future raids.

That sums up all about how you can watch, control and exit Replay Mode/ Station in Meet Your Maker. While you are here check out what is Prestige and how you can increase it. Also, take a look at the steps to move GenMat in the game.