Discord Server Exclamation Point: What It Is & How To Fix?

Here is what the exclamation point on Discord Servers does.

Confused about what the Exclamation Point on Discord servers represents? Don’t worry there are many others asking the same thing. When you try to open a server with an exclamation mark, it will show a CRT TV with the message that they are trying to fix the issue. So getting locked out of one, means you miss out on the fun going on in your favorite community. But here is what you can do about it.

What is the Exclamation Point on Discord Servers?

what is Exclamation Point on Discord Servers

You can see exclamation marks on servers when they are facing connectivity issues. There are two different marks that players can see:

  • Red Circle with White Exclamation point: This happens when a server’s details fail to load. It can be due to networking issues like you being unable to connect. It can also appear when Discord is down.
  • White Circle with Red Exclamation mark: This means it is offline due to a possible outage. The problem here could also be at the server’s end when it might have exceeded the online user cap.

How to Fix Exclamation Mark on Servers?

Since this is a server issue there is a high chance it is a problem on Discord’s end and you cannot do much about it. But if you come across this problem then you can:

  • Check Discord Status: Go to the official Discord Status page to check out if all systems are operational. Here you can find the current status of API, Media Proxy, Gateway, Push Notifications, Search, Voice, Third-party services, Server Web Pages, and Payments.

If everything is normal at Discord’s end then the problem could be on your side. You should:

  • Test your internet connection: Do a simple speed test on any browser of your choice. If it is having issues then refresh your connection to fix it.
  • Restart Discord: Simply close Discord and exit it from the app tray. Now, restart it and see if you are still having the problem. You can even log out from your account and log back in to see if it helps.

That’s all you should know about the Exclamation point on Discord servers and some ways to fix it. In case you haven’t changed your name already, you should check out how to claim your username. And for more head over to our Discord section.