How To Exact Vengeance (Righteous Judgment) In Wo Long

Here is a quick guide on how to exact Vengeance in Wo Long.

Wo Long is Team Ninja’s newest addition to their growing Souls-like genre of games. The games take you to the mystical realm of 2nd-century China where you play as a soldier trying to rise up in this world. You are not alone in this fight, players from all over the world will try to beat the game. Many will fall in the process but you have a chance to avenge them. Let’s look at how to exact Vengeance and unlock the Righteous Judgment achievement in Wo Long.

How to Exact Vengeance in Wo Long

wo long how to exact vengeance

Just like in previous Team Ninja titles, players can leave messages to each other in-game. In Wo Long when players die they leave behind a Purple Burial Flag. You should be on the lookout for such posts in your game. On interaction, you’ll be able to see the name of the player, the enemy type that killed them, and the time and date of the incident.

Selecting this challenge means you’ll have to defeat the enemy in combat. We suggest going in prepared as this will be a most stronger enemy than the ones you’ll face in the area. Clearing the area of other enemies is a great way to focus on just the vengeance mission.

You can also use the Dragon’s Cure Pot at the chosen Burial Flag to raise your Morale Rank temporarily for the fight. This can come in handy against the enemy as they too will have a higher Moral Rank. Killing the enemy will give us various special bonuses and even Accolades. Selecting and completing Vengence for 10 players will unlock the Righteous Judgement achievement.

And that’s how you can exact Vengence in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Check out our guides on Where to find the missing husband and other Wo Long guides here on Gamer Tweak.