How To Evolve All Units In World Flipper

Learn how you can evolve units in World Flipper.

You can upgrade your units in World Flipper by making them evolve thereby maximizing their strengths. Evolving a unit requires players to hold onto a lot of resources they receive in-game. In this guide, we’ll walk through how you can evolve your units in World Flipper. Find all the steps for the same mentioned below.

How to Evolve Units in World Flipper

world flipper how to evolve

In order to evolve a unit in World Flipper, ensure that all skills and abilities have been unlocked. These skills and abilities appear on the player’s screen panel. You can also take a glimpse at these attributes in detail on the mana board for the character. Here’s how you can evolve units in World Flipper:

  • To fully unlock all abilities, you’ll need to stock up on a  lot of the in-game currency i.e Mana.
  • Furthermore, you’ll also require a lot of elements and fragments so ensure you’re completing all quests and keeping these at hand.
  • Before unlocking an ability, see if your unit is at the level the ability requires it to be at for an unlock.
  • You can unlock an ability by using the aforementioned elements and fragments you earn from Quests, The Star Silver Exchange, The Bundle Marketplace, The Trading Post and Stages.
  • The character you wish to upgrade has specific elements and fragments it needs for the upgrade and ability unlock on the mana board.
  • Bear in mind that the further your unit progresses on the mana board, the resources it needs to upgrade will keep on increasing with it.
  • By Evolving units not only do you increase their health capacity, but also their attack capacity.

That’s all there is to evolve a unit in World Flipper. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. Furthermore, here’s a guide listing the Strongest Characters Tier list in World Flipper.