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How To Evolve Morgrem In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Take a look at the requirements to evolve Morgrem to Grimmsnarl in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet easily.

As we all are familiar with, in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet we can not only catch but also evolve the Pokemon. The evolution increases their stats and also affects their appearance. Many players are looking forward to evolving Morgrem in the game. This Pokemon is a Dark Fairy type and an evolution of Impidimp. If you also want to evolve this Pokemon and complete your Pokedex, then we have got you covered. In this article, we’ll walk you through all the requirements to Evolve Morgrem in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.


Requirements to Evolve Morgrem in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

How To Evolve Morgrem into Grimmsnarl In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To evolve Morgrem in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (SV) you’ll be required to increase its level up to 42. Doing so will get you the Grimmsnarl, that you are looking for. Players can always speed up the leveling-up process by using Exp Candies and other candies available in the game. Another cost-free way to level it up quickly is by going on battles, and that’ll do the trick. For your reference, we have mentioned Grimmsnarl’s stats in the article below.

  • Health (HP): 95
  • Attack (Atk): 120
  • Special Attack (SpAtk): 95
  • Defence (Def): 65
  • Special Defence (SpDef): 75
  • Speed: 60
  • Total: 510

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Grimmsnarl also has some abilities, such as Prankster, Pickpocket, & Frisk. However, if you don’t have an Impidimp or Morgrem in the first place, then don’t worry. Players can find & catch them easily in the Forest region known as Tagtree Thicket located beside East Province (Area Three). If you already have an Impidimp then level it up to Lvl 32 and you’ll get Morgrem without any hassle.

That sums up everything about how you can evolve Morgrem into Grimmsnarl in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. While you are here check out how to evolve Sneasel to Weavile in the game. For more tips & tricks check out other Pokemon SV guides.