How To Evolve Gojo In Anime Last Stand (ALS)

If you have Gojo in Anime Last Stand and want to Evolve it then this guide has everything you need.

Anime Last Stand features several characters from popular Manga series, and Satoru Gojo is one of them. FYI, his in-game is Strongest Sorcerer. If he is your favorite already, then you should Evolve him into this strongest variant, which is Strongest Sorcerer (Unmasked). But for that, you will need resources like Six Eyes and Spirit Shards. The process is not as simple as it sounds, so we have created this guide for you.

Here, you will learn how to Evolve Gojo in Anime Last Stand. So if you want to add the Strongest Sorcerer (Unmasked) to your team, this is the right time to get started.

Here’s How to Evolve Gojo in Anime Last Stand

To evolve Gojo into Strongest Sorcerer (Unmasked), you will need x6 Six Eyes, x25 Spirit Shards, and x2 Strongest Sorcerer. While the Strongest Sorcerer or Gojo can be obtained from the summoning banners, you will have to grind to get other resources.

Complete Challenges to get resources for evolving Gojo in Anime Last Stand
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You can get both Six Eyes and Spirit Shards by completing Challenges. So click the “TPs” button and Teleport yourself to the Challenge area. Start a challenge there and win all 15 Waves to get Six Eyes and Spirit Shards. However, you should know that both of these resources have a low drop rate. So, you will have to grind hard until you amass the required amount of each.

Once you have the x6 Six Eyes and x25 Spirit Shards, combine it with x2 Strongest Sorcerer to finally Evolve it. When it evolved, the standard Gojo was upgraded from mythical to celestial rarity. Along with this, you will also see the following improved stats:

  • DMG: 2.42K
  • Range: 25
  • Cooldown: 4 Seconds
  • First Upgrade Cost: 3.75K
  • Total Upgrades: 8

Now that you know how to Evolve Gojo in Anime Last Stand be sure to make the most of him. Plus, if you want other characters like Flash and Drip Zami to evolve, we have guides on them, too. Feel free to check them out on our website.