How to Escape the Police in Need For Speed Heat

Being on the run from the cops can be an exciting event and cops will always chase you down every time you take part in a Night race event. This guide will show you how to escape and evade the cops in Need For Speed Heat.

How to Evade the Cops in Need For Speed Heat

The night races are illegal in Palm City and the corrupt cops will always be on the lookout for illegal racers trying to disrupt the harmony of the residents of the city.

But if you are skilled enough you can escape a cop chase in Need For Speed Heat in minutes rather than stretching it for longer than it needs to be.

To be able to escape a police chase in Need For Speed Heat you must know why the cops chase you in the first place.

As written above, night races are illegal, but more than that if you prove to be a danger to the residents of Palm City and disrupt harmony by damaging property, crashing into cars and causing a lot of trouble, you will invite the cops.

You will earn a lot of heat for being chase by a cop and if you successfully evade the cops you will earn more REP.

The more REP you have the more parts you will get access to and the better you will be able to tune your car.

The Police Heat ranking works as a multiplier for any REP you earn by racing and being chased by cop gets multiplied by that number. 4000 REP points with a 4 Heat Ranking means that you will earn 16000 REP points.

Upgrades To Help You Escape

There are a few upgrades that make you a lot more difficult for the police to catch you, these parts will often come in handy as you progress in the game and the Police chases become more of an occurrence than a random chance.

Engine enhancements: Tune-up and upgrade your engine to its full potential to make sure that you can outrun the cops with ease and do not end up getting stuck in a police maneuver which will trap you from all four sides.

Having a good engine upgrade cannot be emphasized enough.

Radar disruptor: The radar disruptor will help you lessen the distance you need to be away from the cops for you to evade this. It is a genius little thing that you must have with you. You will unlock it when you reach REP level 8.

Damage reduction: The lesser damage you have, the fewer chances of you ending up crashing your car and being caught by the Police. The police will try with their entire might to damage your car and arrest you. Having this upgrade makes it harder for the police to do so.

Kill Switch Jammer: Kill Switch is a device that will momentarily disrupt your car making it not perform as much as it should. This greatly reduces the speed and capabilities of your car and makes it easier for the police to catch you.

Having a Kill Switch Jammer will make sure that you do not end up killing your car and ending up being caught.

Pay The Cops

You can also pay the cops to leave you alone, but this depends on how much wreckage you have cost to the city, if the damage is too high then you won’t be able to pay off the Police, but if you have a small enough number of cops chasing you, you can pay them off for a price of $10,000.

It is a high price that you have to pay so make sure that you are fast enough to outrun them if you cannot pay them off.

This is all there is to know about how to evade the cops in Need For Speed Heat. Check our other NFS Heat Wiki Guides for all the tips, tricks and tweaks in the game only on GamerTweak.