Escape from Tarkov Freezes on Matching as PMC?

If you are trying to play as PMC and the game does not load then here is what you can do.

Escape from Tarkov matchmaking bug is pretty annoying, making players to stuck in an unending loop. As noticed by many players the game will be stuck on matchmaking if you try to play as PMC. And if choose SCAV the game will load well. Here in this guide, I am going to help you to resolve Escape from Tarkov matchmaking bug fixes while playing as PMC.

How to fix Stuck on Matchmaking while playing as PMC?

To fix the issue first close Escape from Tarkov. Make sure to end the game, there should be no game-related services or app active in the background. Relaunch the game and try to connect to a match as PMC. But if this fails to work then go to the Game Menu. Start the game and load as a SCAV. Exit and then choose PMC and connect again.

Escape from Tarkov PMC Matchmaking Bug

This process will let you enter the match as PMC. But the bug is still active and there is no direct solution for the same. Escape from Tarkov PMC matchmaking glitch is still active and will cause an issue in coming issue until patched by the developers.

The bug is so annoying it had made players wait for hours before entering into a match. The problem with this bug is that it does not notify users of anything. It just keeps the players glued to the matchmaking screen where it gets more annoying.

Before I end this guide why not an instant if you are going to enter a match. I am going to share some details on Escape from Tarkov Grenade Launcher. The question does the game still has a grenade launcher or not.

Well, the answer to this is yes it does have. FN GL40 Mk.2 grenade launcher, you have to struggle with the ammo boxes to find this item. The game also has a GP-34 under-barrel grenade launcher which you can use against your enemies. It falls in the AK family of assault rifles. We also have a guide on Escape from Tarkov Promo codes. Why not try that to get some free items?