How To Escape From Combat In AC Mirage

Use these tips to effectively escape from combat in AC Mirage, including using smoke bombs, using the environment, and more.

Combat in Assassin’s Creed Mirage can be challenging, especially for those returning to the franchise after skipping some recent entries. While stealthily assassinating targets remains a core part of the gameplay, you may be outnumbered or spotted, forcing you into open combat situations. But do not panic, we’ll explain how to escape from combat in AC Mirage.

Best Tips to Escape from Combat in AC Mirage

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Being detected by enemies in Assassin’s Creed Mirage often spells trouble if you can’t quickly escape combat. Here are some of the best methods Basim has at his disposal to break contact and evade pursuers when stealth is no longer an option:

Smoke Bombs to the Rescue

One of Basim’s most useful tools is the smoke bomb. Toss one at your feet, and a thick cloud of smoke will instantly obscure you from the enemy’s view, allowing you to slip away unnoticed. Stay hidden until the smoke clears to break the line of sight fully.

Utilize the Environment

Some areas feature objects in an environment you can interact with to cause a distraction, like oil pots or spice sacks. A well-placed throwing knife can set or rupture these alight, confusing guards as you exit under the cover of chaos.

Hide in Plain Sight

Tall grasses, decorative piles of petals, or crowds of civilians work well for blending in to lose pursuit. Dart into hiding spots to vanish from the maps until patrols pass. Sitting casually on benches is also a stealthy way to disappear.

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Know the Terrain

Take note of alleyways, side streets, jumping points to higher ground, and paths leading out of contested areas during planning. Having an escape route in mind makes getting away swiftly more achievable when trouble arises.

Pickpocket Opportunities and Search with Eagle Vision

Whenever exploring cities like Baghdad, actively scan crowds with Eagle Vision to spot pouches highlighted in gold on passing civilians. Quickly perform pickpockets for a chance at dinars and trinkets. Pay attention to the pickpocket prompts, too.

Thoroughly search all the buildings you enter. Eagle Vision makes it easy to spot hidden lootable chests glowing in deserted homes and abandoned stalls. Smash open chests for supplies and valuables.

That’s all for the escape from combat in AC Mirage. You can also check out all Main and Side Quests, and other AC Mirage guides, here on Gamer Tweak.