Final Fantasy XIV – How To Fix Error 90002 In FFXIV

Here are the fixes you can perform to solve the Error 90002 in FFXIV.

Error Code 90002 is an old issue that has been plaguing the players in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). The error occurs when there is some problem that occurs during the connection between the Player and the Server. This is a very frustrating issue as it can occur at any moment. This can ruin your experience of FFXIV. There are many reasons as to why the Error 90002 happens in FFXIV like weak Internet Connection or Server issues. In today’s article, I will explain how to fix Error 90002 in FFXIV.

How to Fix Error 90002 in FFXIV

error 90002 in ffxiv

Here are the solutions to Error Code 90002 in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV).

Restart your Game and Gaming System

Its often said that solutions to intricate problems tend to be very simple, such is the case here. By restarting FFXIV, you will be able to re-establish the Network Connection to Server thereby fixing the error 90002. Better than this would be restarting your Gaming System. This will reset any data or tasks that were preventing FFXIV from running smoothly.

Update FFXIV, Drivers, & Gaming System to fix Error 90002

update drivers for ffxiv

Another reason the Error Code 90002 pops up in FFXIV could be a version mismatch. Make sure you update the game to its latest version. This can also happen if your Gaming System is running on an older version. So keep an eye out for that. For PC users, you may have to update your Graphics Card Drivers as well.

  • Go to Device Manager by searching it in the Start Menu.
  • From there, select Device Drivers, and under it, your Graphic Card Drivers will be there.
  • Right-click it and update it.

Check your Internet Connection

Sometimes you get kicked from online games due to your Weak Internet Network. This also happens in FFXIV and you will get Error 90002. So, check if your Internet Connection is properly working. If it is weak or not even working then you should contact your ISP. Either they are experiencing some technical difficulties or there is an issue with your Router or Wiring. If possible get an Ethernet Connection as it is much better than Wireless.

Run it as Administrator

Apps run by Administrators are given access to special permission where normally they would never have. So whenever you Launch FFXIV, make sure to Right-click and then select the Run as Administrator option. You can also change its Compatibility Mode.

  • To do this step, you will need to first locate the Game Files.
  • If you have taken Final Fantasy XIV through Steam then in Steam right Click on the game and then Properties.
  • It will open up the Properties Tab, under it Select Local Files and then Browse.
  • This will open the folder to the main Game Files of FFXIV.
  • Select the Application File and Right-click to see more options. Among those options is Properties, select that.
  • In the Properties menu, there will be 6 Tabs of which one is Compatibility.
  • Click it and under it, there will be a checkbox that says Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 8. Check it and select Windows 8.
  • Apply the changes and Restart the PC for good measures.

This should fix the error 90002 in FFXIV.

Reinstall the game

If none of the above Steps worked then uninstall and reinstall FFXIV. Most players have said that the error 90002 has been fixed once they did this step. make sure you uninstall the game correctly and also all of the files it has created on your system. It shouldn’t come to this point so make sure this is your last step.

There are other minor steps like disabling your Antivirus, VPN, etc. These will also work in fixing the Error. This was all about fixing the Error Code 90002 in FFXIV. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides on FF14 Player Count Worldwide and Endwalker Ultima Thule Aether Current Coordinates in FFXIV.

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