Era Of Conquest Best Civilization (Tier List)

Here’s the Tier List of the Best Civilizations in the Era of Conquest. Check it out to the best starting Cultures to know.

If you want to relive Ancient Civilizations like the Japanese or Roman Empire, then the Era of Conquest is the closest you can get. Being a strategic city-builder, you can choose to start with any one of the Civilizations available in the game. After selecting a culture, you will get a starting Hero. Now if you want the Best Hero in the Era of Conquest, then you need to know the Best Civilization. And that’s what you will be learning through our Tier List here.

Our Era of Conquest Tier List has all the Civilizations ranked in a best to-worst order. Also, it is completely opinion-based so there are chances that you may or may not agree with it. In such cases, you are free to experiment and find out what’s best for you.

Era of Conquest Tier List – Best Civilizations Ranked

S Tier

  • Germanic Civilization

If you choose to go with Germany, you will get Hermann as the starting hero who brings good defense to the unit. Moreover, Germanic Civilization provides a 10% boost to Stone and Wood production which is good for crafting new facilities.

A Tier

  • Korean Civilization
  • Japanese Civilization
  • Russian Civilization

Opting for Korea will get you Yi Sun Shin as a starting hero who has some really effective debuffs. Other than that, you will also receive a 10% boost on the production of Iron and Wood which is a great deal.

Apart from this, choosing Japanese Civilizations benefits you with 10% more Grains and Wood production along with Tachibani Ginchiyo as a starting hero. She’s a great tactician and can add up as an advantage to your troop.

Russian Civilization offers you the brilliant mind of Ivan IV, currently the best Support Hero in the Era of Conquest. Also, you will get a 10% boost in Iron and Stone production. So if you are looking to build a strong empire, then Russian Civilization is one of the best options.

B Tier

  • British Civilization
  • Chinese Civilization
  • Roman Civilization

If you want to relieve the history of English people, then EoC has the British Civilization for you. You will get the Boudica as your starting Hero who is the best all-rounder with overall decent attack damage. And with 10% increased Grains and Stone production, your Kingdom can flourish smoothly.

For those who have selected the Chinese Civilization, you will get Li Shimin who is great in melee combat. His might is a boon that can be used to deal massive damage to the opponents. And with a whopping 20% increase in Grains, your Kingdom will never struggle with hunger.

Roman Civilization unlocks Scipio who is good at dealing offensive damage to the enemies. Along with his powerful aura, there comes a 20% boost in the production of Iron.

Era Of Conquest Best Civilization Tier List

C Tier

  • Arabian Civilization
  • French Civilization

For those who want to go with the Arab Culture will get Baybars as their initial Hero. His agility makes him launch additional attacks after a normal attack creating a chain. Alongside this cunning warrior, you will be receiving a 20% increase in the production of Stone.

Joan of Arc, one of the most prominent characters from French history joins your army if you choose their Civilization. Although she is bad with defense, her tactical mind compensates for all her flaws. Moreover, if you are someone who falls short of wood every now and then, then French Civilization is the one for you. That’s because you will be getting a 20% increase in Wood production. So it’s a win for you.

The above are all the Best Civilizations according to us in the Era of Conquest. Not only do they provide good boosts but also have some of the best heroes to work with. Besides that, if you feel like you want to try another Civilization, then you can unlock the Civilization Key. It will help you change the Civilization in mid-game.

That covers everything for our Era of Conquest Best Civilization Tier List. We have covered plenty of such interesting Mobile Games here at Gamer Tweak. Feel free to browse through our website and take a look at them.