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Elden Ring Equip Load Explained

Unable to dodge enemy attacks because you roll too slowly? You need to check and manage your Equip Load in Elden Ring.

If you are new to Elden Ring then you should learn about Equip Load. It is an overlooked stat that defines how you play the game. This stat is very crucial for players that have a melee playstyle. That doesn’t mean if you rely on sorceries or incantations then this stat won’t affect you. Hence in this guide let us learn how equip load affects you in Elden Ring and how you can calculate it.

How Equip Load Affects You In Elden Ring


elden ring equip load explained

Equip Load is the most important stat when considering how you dodge enemy attacks. It determines when your character will start to weigh down based on your equipment. Your Equip Load is the sum of the weight of your Weapons, Shields, Talisman, and Armor. Hence whenever you are making a build you should calculate the total weight of your character. As the fast character will roll instantly but the ones that have a higher load will begin to slow down. You should always try to keep your Equip Load under 30% if you want to do fast rolls. And make sure it never goes above 70%. Below are all the weight ratios that affect you.

  • 0% – 29.9% Weight: This is considered Light Load. The rolls you perform will be fast and almost instantaneous.
  • 30% – 69.9% Weight: This is considered Medium Load. The rolls you perform will be slightly slower than when on a light load. You might feel they take place after a delay.
  • 70& – 100% Weight: This is considered a Heavy Load. The rolls you perform will be very slow.
  • More than 100% Weight: This is considered Overload. Your character will not be able to perform any rolls at all.


Do remember your Stamina regeneration also gets affected by your Equip Load. So it is best to have Light and at most Medium load.

How to calculate your Equip Load

You can easily calculate your equip load percentage by dividing your current equip load by your maximum equip load and multiplying by 100. Alternatively, you can just check your Equipment or Status screen to learn whether your Load is light, medium, or heavy.


That covers everything you should know about Equip Load in Elden Ring and how to calculate it. Since you like playing this game be sure to check our Elden Ring section. Here you will find many guides on several topics like boss fights, builds, locations, and more.