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Epic Games Store Delays This Week’s Free Game, Offers A New Replacement

Since the Epic Games Store first arrived on the digital PC store scene in 2018, it has been one of the biggest names for gamers on a tight budget, offering tons of free experiences with no subscription required.


With major games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Watch Dogs 2, Civilization 6, Just Cause 4, and The Arkham Trilogy, all released for free at some point, the company has made a reputation for being generous with its weekly promotions.

With Ghostbusters: The Video Game and Blair Witch’s offerings ending soon, many users were excited about the next free title on the store, Wargame: Red Dragon. However, while the release was scheduled to be available from tomorrow on the Epic Games Store, this has been temporarily delayed and will no longer be the free release of the week.

However, Epic Games Store has offered its users a replacement. Starting tomorrow, November 5th, players will be able to access Dungeons 3. Originally released in 2017, Dungeons 3 combines RTS gameplay with dungeon-building mechanics, while players host and care for a number of evil minions while defending themselves from the heroes who will have to attack their base instead.

The player is also able to send their minions out of the prison, unleashing them in the human world. It was a highly rated type of gameplay at the time of the title’s release, scoring a respectable 77 on Metacritic.

Wargame: Red Dragon is a real-time strategy game originally released in 2014. Players take on the role of a military commander in charge of several armies, allowing them to use tanks, planes, warships, helicopters, and more in their quest for victory.