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Tomorrow GTA V Will be Free in the Epic Games Store

GTA V For Free

Last Thursday, Epic Games arranged another distribution of games. Users had the opportunity to take a game called Death Coming just for free. However, the project, which will be free this week, was not disclosed to gamers. At the place where the participants of the next distribution are shown, it is just written “Mysterious game.” But according to Gamepressure, this will be Grand Theft Auto V.


Journalists of the portal made such a statement, citing their own anonymous, but a well-informed source. According to them, the distribution of GTA V will begin tomorrow, May 14. And it will last exactly seven days. However, there we no official statements from developers of Rockstar Games and the publisher Take-Two Interactive.

The information about the distribution of Grand Theft Auto V sounds unusual, as the game continues to be in steady demand among customers. It regularly appears in ratings of the most selling games on Steam and different console stores. Although there is a possibility that Rockstar and Take-Two decided to increase the number of players in GTA Online and agreed with Epic Games about the distribution. This can be a good marketing plan, and this can bring them more income in the future.

Previously, users have already tried to understand what name is hidden under the phrase “Mysterious game.” Many agreed that this is Watch Dogs 2, due to the presence of an element similar to the logo of the Ubisoft project on the place of this same mysterious game. Tomorrow, we will learn the truth.

Source: Gamepressure