Epic Game Taking Legal Action Against Unofficial Fortnite Event – Norwich

Norwich Fortnite Live festival Organizer In Hot Water

Epic Game the maker of popular Battle Royale game had started Legal Proceedings against organizer who organized a unofficial yet paid Fortnite theme Live Festival in Norwich. It’s an opaque thought to use a trademarked IP of an official owner for short term revenue.

Epic Games had begun its legal proceeding according to Eurogamer, the organizer had set high ticket price and the attraction of Live Festival where wretched. Due to popularity of Fortnite game hundreds of fans gathered to participate and many were left in queue for hours. To compensate the organizer refunded some ticket price which was shared on their official facebook page which is now missing.

The organizer was using Fortnite’s name, Logo and Characters without any official license. The event was poorly planned which impacts Epic Game’s goodwill. Epic Games spokesperson issued the following statement to Eurogamer today –

The quality of our player experience is incredibly important to us, whether it’s inside the game or at official public events like last year’s Fortnite Pro-Am. Epic Games was not in any way associated with the event that took place in Norwich and we’ve issued a claim against the organisers in the High Court of London.

The event organizer Shaun Lord defended by saying:

This is for the kids who love the game of Fortnite, I would love it to be an annual thing. Those people who didn’t get value for money on activities, we have got to make that better next year. It is highlighted to us now that we didn’t have enough of that.

Epic Games statement is clear about their intention to stop such unofficial events. It is unclear what penalty the organizer is going to face against using official asset without permission, but the price will without doubt will be high.

Source: Eurogamer

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