How To Enter The Barge In Modern Warfare 2

Here is how to enter the Barge in Modern Warfare 2.

Every mission in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign requires a different approach in terms of combat, weapons and tactics. The same holds true for ‘Wetwork’ – the third mission in COD MW2. The objective is to reach the barge to extract intel. However, players can also earn the Nessie Trophy if they do this stealthily. If you’re struggling to do this, here’s how to stealthily enter the Barge in Modern Warfare 2.

How to Reach the Barge without being seen in MW2

First things first, you won’t have a lot of equipment to choose from. You will only have a silenced pistol and a throwing knife. Secondly, you will require tons of patience while completing this mission. Without further ado, here are some pointers.

Enter Barge stealthily MW2

Take out the Patrol Boats as early as possible

Yes, this is indeed risky but taking the guards out on the patrol boat will make things easier. The guards on the boat are equipped with SMGs. Since these are silenced and have good range too compared to a pistol. It can help you quickly take down the rest of the guards. Just ensure you target the guards on the patrol boat when they’re away from the docks. Once they are eliminated, get on the boat and pick up any SMG.

Stealth enter Barge in MW2

Clear the Guards on the Left & Right Side of the Docks

After taking out the patrol boat, keep yourselves submerged in the water until you approach the guards on either side of the dock. You simply have to take down the guards without letting them spot you. You’re free to use any weapon, be it the SMG, pistol or a throwing knife. Once you take down all the remaining guards, it will be safe for you to enter the barge in MW2.

Reach the Barge in MW2

This is relatively easy; you just need to wait until Captain Price opens the gate. Once you’re on board, eliminate the enemies inside. In the end, after you kill the last enemy in the bathroom, you will be able to get his phone and retrieve the necessary information. This will also signal the end of the mission.

That’s everything you need to know on how to stealthily enter the barge in Modern Warfare 2. If you found this helpful, check out our MW2 guides for more.