Project Mugetsu: How To Go To Hueco Mundo (And Leave It)

Paarth Wadke
3 Min Read

Are you wondering how to go to Hueco Mundo and leave it in Project Mugetsu? If so, then you’re at the right place. For players who don’t know, Roblox PM is based on a popular anime called Bleach. In this game, players can choose to become a Hollow or a Soul Reaper. Those who plan to become a Hollow must know that Hueco Mundo is where they reside with Arrancars. In this guide, we will tell you how to go to this dimension and escape it.

How to Enter Hueco Mundo in Project Mugetsu

Enter Hueco Mundo by turning into a Hollow in Project Mugetsu

To enter Hueco Mundo in Project Mugetsu, all you have to do is turn into a Hollow. Here are some simple steps to do it:

  1. Enter the game and go to Aizen.
  2. Accept his quest and kill one Soul Reaper.
  3. Then, return to Aizen and you will become a Hollow.
  4. Now, wait for a few seconds and you’ll be transported to Hueco Mundo.

Fighting Soul Reapers is tough as a new player so make sure you use block by pressing F.

How to Leave Hueco Mundo in Roblox PM

The simplest way to leave Hueco Mundo in Project Mugetsu is to get a high-level Adjucha friend to buy the Garganta skill and teleport you to the Human World.

If you are solo grinding then it will take a while. That being said, here’s how to escape Hueco Mundo if you are playing as a solo player:

  1. As a Hollow, fight other Hollows and defeat them.
  2. Devour their body parts to get XP.
  3. Collect 650 XP to be level 5+ and evolve to Menos.
  4. Then, survive for 1 hour 45 minutes in a public server to be level 25+ and become an Adjucha.
  5. Now, go to the Skills menu and buy the Garganta for 200 XP.
  6. Use it to escape to the Human World.

That’s all from us on how to go to Hueco Mundo and leave it in Project Mugetsu. If you liked this guide, then we recommend you check more in our PM guides section.