How To Get Yama In Blox Fruits (Unlock Enma Sword)

Yama Sword has been added to Blox Fruits. Check out how you can get Enma.

Enma is the Sword which was given to Zoro by Hiyori in the One Piece manga and anime. It is considered to be one of the most powerful swords in the One Piece universe. You can get your hands on Enma in Blox Fruits. Although in this game it goes by the name Yama. So without further ado, let’s see how to get Yama in Roblox Blox Fruits.

How to Get Yama in Blox Fruits – Enma Sword

how to get enma in blox fruits
Image Credit: Axiore on YouTube

These are the steps to get Enma in Blox Fruits:

Kill 30 Elite Hunters – Enma Blox Fruits

Before you Kill Elite Hunters you will have to talk to the Elite Hunter NPC on the Castle on the Sea. This Castle can be found in Sea 3. He will give you quests to kill Diablo, Deandre, Urban, and other Elite Hunters. Here you will also be able to check your progress on how many Elite Hunters you have killed.

Go to the Secret Temple

You can find the Secret Temple at the bottom of the waterfall in the Third Sea on Hydra Island. To enter the temple simply pass through the cave and destroy open the door.

Kill the Guardians

When you enter the Secret Temple, you will have to defeat all of the guardians protecting the Sword.

Pull the Sword Out

If you followed the above steps and acquired the 30 Elite Hunter kills and eliminated the guardians you should be able to draw the Sword.

When you try to retrieve the sword you will get the following messages:

  • “The sword doesn’t seem to budge. Try again?”
  • “You manage to make it budge, just a little. Try again?”
  • “It appears there is a curse on the sword. If you continue, you might die. Try again?”
  • “You die.” – You get this message if you fail to fulfill the above-mentioned requirements
  • “The sword has accepted you as its new owner!” – If you did the above steps correctly you get this message and the sword.

Enma Sword Moves

  • Hellish Slash: Press Z-Key, It requires 150 mastery. Your character will follow the mouse pointer and do a spin attack on the opponent while dealing them damage and doing a knockback.
  • Internal Hurricane: Press X-Key, It requires 300 mastery. Your character follows the mouse pointer and does a dash attack with a red lightning-like aura around it.

That sums up this guide for how to get Enma in Blox Fruits. Since you love playing Blox Fruits, don’t miss out on our guide on Blox Fruits VIP Private server links to get an upper hand in your playthrough.