Blox Fruits VIP Private Servers Links

Here are all Blox Fruits Private Server links that you are free to join.

This list of Blox Fruits Private Server links is perfect for those players who don’t prefer to play on public servers. But since creating your own VIP server isn’t free, some kind folks have shared the private servers they have made that you can join for free.

We will list out all the server links below but note that each server has some rules you need to follow. For example, no scamming, cheating, PvP without consent/permission, and no kill stealing too.

Blox Fruits VIP Private Server Links

Last checked on January 8, 2024. Big thanks to the creators!

  1. Private Server Link
  2. Private Server Link
  3. Private Server Link
  4. Private Server Link
  5. Private Server Link
  6. Private Server Link
  7. Private Server Link
  8. Private Server Link
  9. Private Server Link

If you want to find more VIP private servers, there may be players on Blox Fruits Discord that may have created some. You can check it out for more information.

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How to Make a Blox Fruits Private Server?

To make a private server for Blox Fruits, you have to spend some Robux. It will cost you 200 Robux to make one and if you have that amount, check out the steps to create a VIP private server of your own.

how to make Blox Fruits VIP Private Server

  • Head to Blox Fruit’s official Roblox page.
  • Click on the Servers tab.
  • Select Create Private Server.
  • Give your server a name.
  • Select Buy now with the amount of Robux you have.
  • You can make any adjustments or settings as you prefer in the server and share the links with your friends.

That’s all about Blox Fruits Private Servers.  We will be updating with many more links as they are made and revealed by Youtubers. You don’t have to search for them everywhere – simply check back here for more.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out our Blox Fruits codes list as well as Blox Fruits tier list.