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Enlisted: How To Play With Friends?

Read further to know how you can play Enlisted with your friends.

While other developers are busy making futuristic shooter games, Darkflow decides to take a step back. Enlisted is a shooter game based in the times of World War 2. At its core Enlisted is a shooter game and shooter games are best enjoyed when played with friends. Let’s see how you can play Enlisted with your friends in multiplayer mode.

How To Play Enlisted With Friends?


Enlisted play friends
Adding friends on Enlisted isn’t rocket science. On the home screen on your bottom right you will see three plus signs. Select any one of those and a sidebar will open. In the sidebar, you’ll be able to see friends you have already added. To add friends for the first time you will have to search their id. In the search bar type the name of the person you want to add, click on the name you will get an option to add them. You can also add players for one match and can add them to your friend list as well. After adding them to your friend list simply press the button on the bottom right anytime you want to invite them for a game. Exchanging ammo among friends is one such example of the extra features you get in multiplayer mode.

Players can play in squad mode where all of them will lead individual squads of AI soldiers, or form one squad and play together. The multiplayer option is available on all platforms be it consoles or PC. The game has a partial cross-platform multiplayer. While console players can play with each other, PC players can’t play with console players. PlayStation and Xbox users can choose to play with PC players as well but this choice is not given to PC players at all. The developers have hinted towards solving this in the official forum, so we are hoping it gets fixed soon.

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