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Enlisted: How To Get More Ammo

This guide will help you to get more ammo in Enlisted.

Enlisted takes you back in time but not in a Call of duty way, meaning you won’t have all that gear and ammo. The game keeps it super realistic with those helmets and long rifles. To make things more realistic players don’t have enough resources, just like the real soldiers of World War 2. Let’s see how you can get more ammo in Enlisted.

How To Get More Ammo In Enlisted?


Enlisted get more ammo
Enlisted keeps things very real, so you’ll have to think in a much more realistic way to know where to get ammo from. You can pick up ammo of other dead players, be it foes or allies. To get ammo simply hover around the body and you will see a button to pick on your screen. Players can only pick weapons as long as the body is there so be quick. This can also put you at risk as you might have to run in the open for ammo, so be careful while picking guns.

Another way of getting ammo is through crates or ammo boxes. These crates are placed on the battlefield by engineers along with sandbags to hide behind. This option is only for players who have reached campaign level 3. Crates have enough ammo as we have never seen it run out of ammo. Do make sure that the boxes are not destroyed by the enemies. You can reach the boxes using the mini-map on your screen.

One more way of getting ammo is from your teammate. While this is a common practice across shooter games, it is fairly risky if you and your friend are at a distance. Another problem here is that most of the time teammates themselves don’t have enough ammo, so make sure your friends are wise with their ammo. If you are not level 3 picking up weapons is the best source for extra ammo, otherwise, nothing beats those ever-giving crates.


That’s all for this guide. Do check out our other article to know how you can play Enlisted with your friends.