Is There Any Possible Ending In Lethal Company?

Wondering if your favorite Lethal Company has an Ending? Check out here to know about it.

Lethal Company has quickly established a name for itself in the survival-horror genre. One of the reasons for that is its engaging in-game elements and mission goals. Wherein, you and your friend have to travel to different industrialized Moons (filled with monsters) and complete the weekly scrap quota. Because that’s how you are supposed to meet your company’s profit requirements.

After spending countless hours, players are wondering if there is an end to Lethal Company. I mean, for how long can the game actually go on? In today’s article, that’s what we are going to talk about.

Is there an Ending in Lethal Company?

For the Lethal Company Early Access version, there is literally no ending. You will land on a Moon, fend off monsters, collect scrap, die, and start again. This is the cycle that you will be following over and over again. However, the developers (Zeekerss) have confirmed that there is semi-procedural generation in this game. So the weather, building interiors, and monsters will be different on your every visit.

Is There Any Possible Ending In Lethal Company?

You can play this game for as long as you can unless you get bored of it. Speaking of it, soon a major update is going to be released, so I don’t think you are going to be bored of it easily.

Can we Expect a Possible Ending in Future Updates?

According to a tweet by Zeekerss, they are planning to add a seasonal enemy in Lethal Company. And no, this enemy is not going to be a creature but an antagonist. You can check out their tweet below:

After reading this tweet, we can only speculate their Lethal Company might get an ending in the future. Considering that they are introducing a new group of enemies or a single enemy, that might be the endgame. But there’s also a probability that it will be just the beginning. I mean, anything can happen, right?

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