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Minecraft Enchantability: What Is It (Explained)

Learn what is Enchantability in Minecraft and how it works.

Minecraft is a survival sandbox game with many interesting mechanics. In this game, you can gather a wide range of resources and use them to craft multiple things. These include gear like weapons, tools, and armor. As you progress through the game, you will find stronger and more durable resources and ways to gather them. However, they too perish after using them for a while. Luckily you can enchant them to last longer or get more resources. This guide will tell you about the Enchantability mechanic in Minecraft.

What is Enchantability in Minecraft

Gold Items Enchantability

Enchantability in Minecraft is an attribute that tells how likely an item will get a high-level enchantment. To put it in simple words, the higher the enchantability, the higher the chance of getting better enchantments. Unluckily, this mechanic depends on the Durability of the item. Meaning, if an item has low durability, then it’ll have a higher Enchantability. And since Gold items are the least durable ones in the game, they have the highest chance of getting better enchantments. Enchantments like Sharpness 5, Efficiency 5, and Unbreaking 3 will apply naturally on Gold Items without an anvil.

To understand it better, here’s a table on the Enchantability of items and their materials:

Material Armor  Swords / Tools
Wood N/A 15
Leather 15 N/A
Stone N/A 5
Iron 9 14
Chain 12 N/A
Diamond 10 10
Gold 25 22
Book 1 1

As you can see, Gold Tools have an enchantability of 22 while the Diamond one has 10. So if you apply Efficiency enchantment on both, the Gold tool will give you better results over the Diamond one. However, this is a double-edged sword since Gold tools aren’t durable. They will break faster than the Diamond ones and you’ll have to craft them and enchant them again. This can waste both your materials and enchantment books.

That’s all from us on Enchantability in Minecraft and how it can affect your gameplay. For more helpful guides like How to Get Free Skins, check out our Minecraft section.