Stellaris: How To Increase And Decrease Empire Sprawl

A complete guide on how to increase and decrease empire sprawl in Stellaris and what are its impacts on the game.

Like our friendly Spiderman once said, with great power comes great responsibilities. Similarly, Empire Sprawl in Stellaris is the responsibility on your shoulders that increases with the increase in expansions of your territory. Now your job is to advance in the game in such a way that you reduce your overall Sprawl. Why is it so important to control it, you may ask? Because well you will suffer penalties! If the Sprawl exceeds the Administrative capacity given, which is 30, then get ready for some penalties! So here in this article, we tell you how to deal with the increase and decrease of Empire Sprawl and what can be done to keep it in check.

How to Increase and Decrease the Empire Sprawl in Stellaris?

Here is how to change Empire Sprawl in Stellaris.

Empire Sprawl

Components that affect the Empire Sprawl

The Sprawl increases by the following aspects:

  • 5 – per colonization
  • 1 – per system
  • 1 – per district
  • 0.5 – per population
  • 2 – per Branch offices owned

Negative Modifiers

The following are the negative modifiers that you will have to face if you exceed the Empire Sprawl. Mind you these percentages are per point increase in your Sprawl.

  • Technology costs: +0.4%
  • Tradition costs: +0.6%
  • Campaign costs: +1%

Penalties for an Increased Empire Sprawl

These penalties can be implemented by the following authorities:

  • Corporate: +50%
  • Machine Intelligence: +100%
  • Hive Mind: -25%

Solutions to Keep it in Check

What the players can do here is increase their Empire Sprawl capacity. They can opt for two bureaucratic jobs via the administrative office which will Increase your Sprawl capacity by 10 points each. If you keep upgrading your building, you can opt for 10 such jobs giving you an increase of 50. However, with the right ascension perks, traditions, technology researches, civics, and genetics that can be adopted, you can keep your sprawl in check.

Stellaris all about that sweet balance that an empire needs to run smoothly and with the right decisions, you can find that balance. So that is all about our guide on How to increase empire sprawl in Stellaris. If you are curious to know how to gain more Influence, check out our guide on How To Increase Influence In Stellaris?