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How To Increase Influence In Stellaris?

A guide on all possible ways to gain Influence in the Stellaris game.

Stellaris is all about building your empire and showing off your strength. Influence in this game may not be a direct factor but it is one of the most vital resources of the game. It is connected to a bunch of different things that fluctuate the Influence. The max Influence that an empire can store is 1000 which is not upgradable. Influence is basically political clout. If you want to know how to gain more Influence then keep reading this guide on how to gain and increase Influence in Stellaris.

How to Gain Influence in Stellaris?


Now, every Empire already has a base Influence income of 3. You can gain and increase Influence in Stellaris by Factions, Protectorates, Rivals, Domination tradition tree, and Will to Power ambition.




Factions are political parties in the game. They give a minimum of +2 in total. The factions are influenced by the following:

  • Egalitarian Ethic: +25%
  • Fanatic Egalitarian Civic: +50%
  • Authoritarian Ethic:+0.5 or 1
  • Parliamentary System: +25%
  • The Living State technology: +1
  • Faction suppression: −1
  • Faction promotion: −2
  • Autonomous Agents for Gestalt Consciousness: +1

Protectorates: Protectorates are the Subject Empires that are under you, as players protect them. You get a +0.25 increase in Influence from each one of them per month in Stellaris. However, Integrating a subject empire will cost you -5 per month.


Rivals: You can declare Rivalry with up to 3 Rivals which will give you +1.5 Influence per month. You will gain a +100 if you humiliate the rival.

Finishing the Domination tradition tree: Finish the Domination tradition tree to activate the Finisher Effect which will give you +1 Influence per month.

Will to Power ambition: The will to power Edict will bump up your Influence by 5 points per month for a 12 month period.


Influence can be used for a variety of vital functions from Influencing Elections to Reforming the Government and much more. So that will be all for our guide on how to increase your Influence in Stellaris. If you want to enhance your Stellaris gaming experience, check out our article on Best Stellaris Mods That Will Take Stellaris To Another Level.