How To Increase Notoriety In Empire Of Sin

Increase your notoriety level.

Notoriety along with bribery and diplomacy are the pillars that build a strong mafia presence in any city, just something that you want in Empire of Sin. It is important to let your rivals know who is the boss in Empire of Sin, and you will have to increase your notoriety for that. Higher notoriety levels attract cops and more rival gangs to you, but that’s what you are looking for in this game, right? That’s why we have crafted this guide for you to get more challenges and more fun. In this guide, we will walk you through how to easily increase notoriety in Empire of sin.

Empire of Sin: How to Increase Notoriety Level

You can increase the notoriety in Empire of Sin through multiple ways. Here are some of the options that you can use:

  • Progress in the game: Simply keep progressing in the game, and your notoriety will already keep on building up.
  • Recruit rackets: Recruiting rackets of a higher notoriety level will also increase your overall notoriety. But recruiting these rackets can be expensive to recruit. You can also recruit rackets that don’t have much high notoriety level to increase your notoriety level by a small margin.
  • Recruit characters: Similar to rackets, recruiting characters will also bring you an increase in notoriety level.
  • Kill rival gangs’ members: Keep eliminating rival gang members and your notoriety level will keep tickling up slow and steady.
  • Kill off an entire faction: If you are at war with a faction, killing all the members of the faction along with their boss will significantly increase your notoriety level in Empire of Sin.

increase notoriety level in empire of sin

Why Increase Your Notoriety

Increasing your notoriety level provides you with several benefits, some of which are:

  • Allows you to recruit higher notoriety level rackets
  • Assign additional roles to your employees and crew members
  • Reduces cost of rackets and business upgrades

That’s everything you need to know about how to increase notoriety in Empire of Sin. Since you are taking on rival gangs, it is essential to increase and maintain loyalty in your gang. Hence, along with the notoriety level, you should also focus on increasing loyalty.