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How To Increase Loyalty In Empire Of Sin

Increase loyal employees.

Loyalty is a crucial aspect of Empire of Sin. Low loyalty similar to real-life can lead to conspiracies that can impact your empire in the game. Hence, you should thrive to maintain the high loyalty of all the crew members that you have recruited. However, due to high conflicts of interest in running the empire, it is not at all easy to maintain a high loyalty level, and that’s what we are here for. Here’s how you can increase loyalty in Empire of Sin.

Empire of Sin: How to Increase Loyalty

Assigning better roles to your crew members and paying their salaries regularly on time can increase their loyalty in Empire of Sin. Every time you assign the role of advisor to someone, their loyalty will significantly boost. But it’s not all benefits, assigning the role of advisor requires 250 notoriety, which can be pricey for some.

empire of sin how to increase loyalty

Keeping the crew members employed for a long time also increases their loyalty. With every passing month, your employees will get +8 loyalty. But don’t hold them long in the same position. Along with keeping your employees for a longer-term, it is also essential to assign higher roles to them and increase their salary regularly.

If you fire an employee, their loyalty will decrease by -250. But it is also necessary sometimes to fire a few employees to hire someone else. Suppose, you have an employee who has a conflict with someone. If you want to hire that other person, you have to fire the employee who is having a conflict. Hence, sometimes, it won’t be in your hand.

But that is nothing to worry about as time will heal everything and the fired employee’s loyalty will get back to normal. That’s everything you need to know about how to increase loyalty in Empire of Sin. For more guides on different games, ensure visiting our Gaming Guides section.