The Eminence In Shadow Tier List

Here is the Tier List ranking all the characters in The Eminence in Shadow.

Here is our Tier List for all the characters in The Eminence in Shadow RPG. This game is developed by Crunchyroll Games, LLC, and is available for both Android and iOS. It has an original story by Daisuke Aizawa the author of the anime and manga series. And the game even has 14 characters from the series and different rarities for them. So check out this Tier List of the best characters in Eminence In Shadow.

The Eminence in Shadow RPG Tier List

eminence in shadow best characters tier list

Character Tier
Alpha (SS) S Tier
Cid Kagenou (SS) S Tier
Epsilon(SS) S Tier
Alexa Midgar (SS) S Tier
Iris Midgar (SS) A Tier
Beta(SS) A Tier
Eta(SS) A Tier
Gamma (SS) A Tier
Alpha(S) A Tier
Epsilon(S) A Tier
Cid Kagenou(S) A Tier
Zeta (SS) B Tier
Delta (SS) B Tier
Sherry Barnett (SS) B Tier
Beta(S) B Tier
Delta(S) B Tier
Iris Midgar(A) B Tier
Delta(A) B Tier
Zeta(S) B Tier
Epsilon(A) B Tier
Gamma(S) B Tier
Claire Kagenou (SS) C Tier
Rose Oriana (SS) C Tier
Nu (SS) C Tier
Eta(S) C Tier
Alpha(A) C Tier
Alexa Midgar(A) C Tier
Rose Oriana(A) D Tier
Nu(A) D Tier
Claire Kagenou(A) D Tier
Gamma(A) D Tier
Sherry Barnett(A) D Tier

The above tier list is just my recommendation of the best characters. As per your play style, you might find that some characters are placed wrongly in lower tiers and should be placed above. Or that some characters placed above aren’t as strong. That is fine as everyone has a playstyle and some characters might just work better than others. Players that are new to this game should find this guide to be of the most use.

That covers this Tier List of all characters in The Eminence in Shadow RPG. If you enjoyed this list or found it useful then be sure to also check out our other Tier Lists. And for more help on other such games be sure to check out our Mobile game guides.