Embark Studios Ups The Anti-Cheat To Effectively Tackle Cheats In The Finals

Here is everything you need to know about the recent developments from Embark to tackle cheaters in The Finals.

The Finals had quite the launch ever since it was shadow-dropped during the Game Awards and from then the game has seen its ups and downs frequently. Quite frankly the multiplayer shooter secured its place in the gaming community way before it was made available on all the platforms. However, the free-to-play game saw an increasing number of cheaters on its servers making it almost unplayable for players looking to have some fun.

These alleged cheaters have ruined the gameplay experience for many players and wanted the devs to resolve the issue once and for all. And it seems that the devs in Embark are wide awake of all the feedback and reports. Not only has the studio addressed the cheats issue for everyone they are simultaneously working on the solution and it might just be closer than you think. Since the devs are at it to keep the Finals smooth and safe, here is everything you need to know about it.

Embark Has Begun Re-upping Their Anti Cheat Measure For The Finals

Embark Has Begun Reupping Their Anti Cheat Measure For The Finals
Image Source: PlayStation on YouTube

Dusty Gustafsson, one of the community leads in Embark working on The Finals addresses the cheaters issue by updating the official community server on Discord. According to the statement, the devs are aware of increasing reports of cheaters in the game. Gustafsson has gone on to explain that, the devs did indeed hit a technical issue while addressing it which prevented them from banning all the cheaters effectively from The Finals.

The statement further went on to assure that the devs are nearing a solution for the technical halt they come across. Embark has already begun re-upping their anti-cheat measures for The Finals to deal with the cheaters more effectively. Gustafsson added that “Keeping the game a smooth, safe, and fair space for players is our biggest priority” and that they are in this for the long haul.

And while many players are arguably frustrated and called out Embark to region-lock The Finals from China to keep the cheaters in check, the company is strongly of the opposite opinion. According to the statement by community manager Momo, the company doesn’t want to region lock the game and it’s completely Embark’s decision.

They further went on to explain that “Cheaters are in all regions, and we see a good chunk of them using Chinese names as in a copium method to be harder to be reported”. Gustafsson further added in the statement that “EAC (Easy Anti Cheat) isn’t our only anti-cheat measure and we have a lot of things going at once”.

Redditor pants_of_war stated in a Reddit Post “It is VERY common for Game Companies to not ban Cheaters/ hackers right away but to wait until you can ban them all in a big wave. This ensures that the Hackers get zero information on what exposed them to the anti-cheat software”.

Considering that the managers have addressed the issue further out, players can rest assured that the measure to restrain all the cheaters will be out as soon as possible. You can track all the developments and updates on it on the official The Finals Discord Server. It will help you check in with the managers and provide any feedback if necessary.

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