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Tower Of Fantasy: All Electronic Lock Passwords (Door Codes List)

Here are the passwords for every electronic lock in ToF.

In Tower of Fantasy, you will come across many Electronic Locks that need a password to open. While you can get their passwords authentically by searching for clues. The process can be a bit tedious as these clues are usually near the lock but hidden. So, you need to search for them actively. But if you don’t want to go through the extra steps, here is our list of all electronic lock passwords in Tower of Fantasy (ToF).

List of All Electronic Lock Passwords in Tower of Fantasy

password list for every electronic lock in tower of fantasy tof
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There are a total of 10 Electronic Locks that you can find in ToF. They can have different appearances such as truck doors, locks, electronic locks, or more. But the procedure to unlock them is the same for all. All you have to do is enter the correct password. Below are the details for every lock like their password, type of lock, and the coordinates where to find them.

Electronic Lock Password Co-ordinates Type Of Lock
HT201 Shelter 1647 85.0, 967.0 Electronic Lock
Cetus Island 3344 -643.9, -848.7 Truck Door
Miner’s Camp 4753 376.4, 245.4 Deconstruction
Device – PDC1
Seaforth Dock 3594 512.0, 769.5 Electronic Lock
The Lumina 7268 733.7, 848.5 Deconstruction
Device – PDC2
Warren Snowfield 7092 651.1, -1242.8 Locked Door
Raincaller Island Tower 5972 -757.8, -569.9 Signal Station
Navia Bay 2202 -537.0, -448.9 Truck Door
Crescent Shore 1024 785.0, 665.9 Electronic Lock
Aarniel Fortress 8521 380.7, -832.5 Deconstruction
Device – PDW1

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How to Open Electronic Locks in ToF

how to open electronic locks in tower of fantasy and passwords

The procedure to open them is very simple.

  1. Launch Tower of Fantasy.
  2. Go to the coordinates of the locks given above.
  3. Look for the lock, once you find it go to its location.
  4. Interact with it.
  5. This will bring a Numpad popup. Here you can enter 4-digit passwords.
  6. Enter the passwords given above.
  7. When you enter the right password the door will open. Most locks here have force fields that you can see disappear.
  8. Walk up to the reward and claim it.

That covers this password list for every electronic lock in Tower of Fantasy (ToF). For more help on other topics for this game check out our Tower of Fantasy guides.