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From Software And Game of Thrones Creator Team Up To Bring Elden Ring

Along with the plenty of World Premiere titles was Elden Ring, developed by From Software with the help of acclaimed author George R R Martin, this game looks to be set in a fantasy world engulfed by darkness.

Though this is not a complete surprise as the game title was leaked earlier and made available to the public. Since then people all over the world have been talking about this game, it looks creepy and majestic, to say the least. There isn’t much information available about the game just yet nor has a release date been announced but Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki said, there will be “unique and horrifying” bosses and looking at the trailer you can certainly be assured that you are in for a ride when it comes out.


You can check out the eerie trailer for Elden Rings right here, which starts and ends as nothing you will have in mind.

The game will be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4 and unlike other game by From Software, this will be an open world experience, which certainly says that there will be a ton of things to explore and find once you get your hands on this mythical title.

We will keep updating about Elden Ring as and when we have more information, till then check out other news and guides.