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Elden Ring Trailer Leaked Online

A leaked Elden Ring trailer is said to show a significant amount of off-screen material. It may be part of a gameplay trailer that will be revealed later this month. There were relevant rumors a few hours ago.

According to current reports, the video material from the upcoming Elden Ring is circulating in unspecified online chat groups. It is marked as confidential so that it can be assumed that it is material that was intended for internal purposes.

According to its own statement, the VGC website was able to inspect the clip. The site reports off-screen material that appears to be part of a planned gameplay trailer. And what was shown was obviously impressive. Compared to the presentation in June 2019, there was a significant update according to the description.

According to the trailer, the gameplay footage shows a montage of familiar Souls-like hand-to-hand combat, as well as boss battles against a fire-breathing dragon and a large, sword-wielding enemy. The fight on horseback can also be seen in a large, open environment.

In the trailer, Elden Ring is described as “an all-new fantasy action RPG franchise from the creators of Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro.” The scenes do not contain an appointment. However, it has already leaked that Elden Ring has been postponed several times internally due to the delays caused by the pandemic.

Regardless of the trailer leak, the rumor got around today that we will learn more about Elden Ring during the month. A well-known insider referred to the plan to provide the players with specific details and impressions of the title by the end of March. Due to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, postponing the title in the coming month would not be surprising.

The leaked video has been published in an upscaled version below: