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Elden Ring Story Will Be Closer To Dark Souls

The game features deeper story development

Game of Thrones Writer George R.R.Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki the president of From Software teamed upto bring a new IP Elden Ring that takes us in a world of dark fantasy. The game has just been announced at E3 2019, a small teaser gives us a glimpse of what the world or character might look like. More details on this still pending.

During an interview with IGN, Hidetaka Miyazaki spoke on Elden Ring. He told IGN that Elden Ring and Dark Souls will have some similarity based on the vague story and environmental storytelling.  He shared the story of the game will be told the way it is told in Dark Souls. in the massive open world, environment exploration will be extensive than before adding a base for deeper story development.


Elden Rings story is more about the world than the journey of the main character. The main character in Elden Rings will not feature a distinct personality, it will be more about the world and NPC’s. Miyazaki also mentioned the mythological world created by Martin naturally contributed to more dramatic characters.

Miyazaki also added the game world is not directly inspired from Lord of the Rings, gameplay-wise it will be a new game. Watch Game Trailer.

Source: IGN