What Are Ectoplasm Stains And How To Find Them In Demonologist

Check out what are ectoplasm stains and how to find them in Demonologist

Are you wondering what are Ectoplasm Stains and how to find them in Demonologist? If so, then this guide is made just for you. Demonologist is a unique co-op experience where you can use a variety of gadgets to hunt ghosts. In this game, you must visit a cursed place and exorcise it with your band of friends. But first, you must recognize the type of ghost that’s haunting the place. In this guide, we will talk about how Ectoplasm works.

Demonologist: What are Ectoplasm Stains and How to Find Them

Ecto Glass used to find the Ectoplasm Stains in Demonologist

In Demonologist, Ectoplasm Stains are evidence left by certain ghosts. However, it is not visible to the naked eye. To find Ectoplasm Stains, you’ll need an Ecto Glass. This is an important piece of equipment that you’ll need on both Abandoned House and Cyclone Street maps.

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Once you launch a map, just select the Ecto Glass from the tool storage and head into the house. You can use the glass by holding down LMB and looking through it. If there is an Ectoplasm Stain on a surface, you’ll see it as white glowing spots.

Which Ghosts Drop Ectoplasm

Identifying the ghost is no simple task. There are 24 types of ghosts and each leaves three pieces of evidence. However, only nine of them drop Ectoplasm. Here’s a list of all Ghosts who drop Ectoplasm and other evidence in Demonologist:

  • Agash: Fingerprints and Freezing Temperature
  • Demon: Easel Canvas Drawing and Freezing Temperature
  • Deogen: ESG Ghost Reaction and Fingerprints
  • Guipo: ESG Ghost Reaction and Spiritbox Response
  • Naamah: ESG Ghost Reaction and Easel Canvas Drawing
  • Raiju: ESG Ghost Reaction and Freezing Temperature
  • Shade: Easel Canvas Drawing and Spiritbox Response
  • Wraith: EMF Level 5 and Fingerprints
  • Yurei: EMF Level 5 and ESG Ghost Reaction

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