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How To Fix The Echoes Of The Blood War Code Not Working Error In Dark Alliance?

Frustrated with not being able to get the Echoes of the Blood code working? Let's see if we can find any solutions to the issue in Dark Alliance with this article.

Echoes of the Blood War is a new and upcoming DLC that aims to further enhance the already-immersive dark alliance gameplay experience. In this article, we will see if there is a way to fix the Dark Alliance Echoes of the Blood War code not working error.

Echoes of the Blood War Code Not Working in Dark Alliance?


echoes of the blood war code not working fix

While players are eagerly waiting for a solution to the dark alliance echoes of the blood war code issue, note that there isn’t an official fix for this problem yet. Several players on platforms like Reddit have tried to find a solution to get the Echoes of the Blood War code to work successfully on their systems.

Players have also encountered messages like “The code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid. Please check your entry.” These messages have sparked frustration among PlayStation gamers and they have been forced to stay on hold with Sony’s customer service to find a possible end to the code issue. Basically, players have to mail the customer service address with proof of the DLC code sheet.


Some players have decided to stay patient and wait for a few hours to get their  codes. Later they found that a couple of codes have worked successfully. These codes have helped unlock certain weapons and skins.

As of now, there isn’t any official solution to the code not working. We will post updates as soon as there’s any new information.

About the DLC


The Echoes of the Blood War DLC will be a paid DLC expansion and the official website has announced that the DLC will be released in Fall 2021. It will focus on the implementation of new storyline elements along with new, more challenging levels.

Additionally, there will also be a new playable character with a focus on the use of magic. The Blood War storyline will feature an endless battle between the demons and devils of the Nine Hells.

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