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Dungeons And Dragons Dark Alliance: How To Change Abilities

Learn to change abilities in Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance easily by using the respective button prompt to change and choose new ability

It is easy to change Abilities in Dungeons And Dragons Dark Alliance. You can switch between various abilities mid-gameplay. This gives you the ability to either sneak up or straight up demolish enemies. As you progress through the game, you will be able to purchase even more abilities. So, let’s find out how to switch between abilities in D and D.

How to change abilities in Dungeons and Dragons (D and D) Dark Alliance?


Dungeons And Dragons Dark Alliance: Change Abilities

  • To change between your abilities initially, you can just press the Y Button on Xbox, R on PC, and Triangle on PS to use the first ability and hold down the same button to access the second ability.
  • This is just for the initial stage of the game when you start out with just 2 abilities.

To actually change your abilities and equip new ones follow these steps:


  • First, go to the character menu.
  • Here you will have to scroll down and select the ‘Equip’ option.
  • Once you have done that click on the Abilities button on the bottom left.
  • Now, the Abilities Loadout screen will open.
  • Over here click on either of the abilities and change the respective button.

As you progress in the game you will get even more abilities that you can change between in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance.

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You can get new abilities from the ‘Move’ tab in the in-game menu. You will be able to equip and use only two abilities at once. So, make sure you experiment and find out which ability suits your gameplay better. You won’t be able to equip new abilities on the fly, so that is also something you should keep in mind.

This is everything you need to know about how to change abilities in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance. Now that you are here you can have a look at how to play the game online with your friends.