Dying Light 2 Hidden Easter Eggs Locations – Hoverboard, Finger Gun & More

Learn all about the Easter Eggs in Dying Light 2 (DL2)

If you’ve been a fan of the original Dead Island, you will be thrilled to know that Dying Light 2 features several Easter Eggs that pays ode to what was a brilliant zombie game. Additionally, these eggs also refer to several pop culture moments. If you have been struggling to find these special, rare moments, we have got just the guide for you. Here, we will show you all of the Easter Eggs from the game as well as where to find them.

Dying Light 2 Easter Eggs Guide – All Easter Eggs & How to Get?


Why do you Voodoo? – Dying Light 2 Easter Egg

The lines Why do you Voodoo belong to Techland’s original zombie game, Dead Island, where it was part of the introductory cutscene. Dying Light 2 pays tribute to this song with an easter egg that you will find by heading into one of the rooms in the mansion. In one of these rooms, you will find a record player. Interacting with it will cause the song to start playing.

Radio Antenna – Dying Light 2 Easter Egg

When playing Dying Light 2, you will hear Aiden say “I’m glad I don’t have to climb that thing”. You will hear this sentence when you have to claim the night runner and you see an old tower outside the mill. The line from Aiden is an easter egg reference to Ubisoft’s games, which require its players to climb structures.


The Football Easter Egg in Dying Light 2 requires you to score three goals in the game. After you score a goal, leave the area and then come back to it. Score 6 more goals. This process will then result in a boss from the game appearing, after which he will perform a short dance.


When exploring the map in Dying Light 2, you will come across 5 Black Ducks. You need to collect all of these and then head to the basement of the VNC Tower. Once here, place the ducks on the tables and connect all of the wires. Once you do so, you will receive the DOOM gun and be asked to a challenge. Accepting the challenge will see you battle monsters from the popular DOOM video game with similar graphics. The challenge is a recreation of the first level of DOOM. You will also find a letter thanking the developers of the DOOM series.

Dead Island Logo

Climbing to a certain height in a forested area will enable you to view the Dead Island logo in the distance on a water body.

Kyle Crane

When playing Dying Light 2, you will come across a character that mentions the name Kyle Crane. Probing further will see him speak about Crane, and he will also hand you over a familiar-looking weapon. As you express your amazement at the weapon and the manner in which it appears in the first place, you will notice that the mysterious character has now vanished!

Cyberpunk 2077 Easter Egg

You will find Mantis Blades that are straight out of Cyberpunk 2077 when playing Dying Light 2.

Space Chicken

You will receive a mysterious side mission called Space Cock from a talking hen. Completing the mission will give you the Pan of Destiny Blueprint.

Crane Fungus

Turning on the fungus on a crane will allow you to take part in the Baba Yaga Space Mission. This is a parkour mission.

Resident Evil Easter Egg

Yup. Running around in Dying Light 2 will also give you the opportunity to find Chris & Leon Redfield from the popular Resident Evil series.


One of the first easter eggs to come across in Dying Light 2, you will notice an advertising banner that tells you about a party for the ‘End of the World’. You will find this banner during the Pilgrim’s Path mission when exploring an abandoned mansion.

Developer’s Room

When heading down a building, you should connect all of the wires that lead down it. Doing so will help open up the developers’ room in Dying Light 2.

Left Finger of gloVa

This Easter Egg in Dying Light 2 literally turns your left index finger into a finger gun.

Dying Light Theme Song

You will come across this easter egg in the same room as the Who do you Voodoo egg in Dying Light 2. To get this easter egg, you will need to be a little patient. We recommend you continue staying in the room even after Spike gets bored and heads out. Once Spike does head out, he will go to the Grand Piano room. Here, you will hear him play the Dying Light theme song.


As you move through the map in Dying Light 2, you will be able to pick up several different components for a Hoverboard. Collecting all of these parts will allow you to use a hoverboard parkour trial in the Hoverboard Secret Parkour challenge. The only drawback to this hoverboard is the fact that you cannot use it anywhere else. You will come across the said components in a trunk at Muddy Grounds, the Church of St. Thomas the Apostle, and towards the right side of a bridge in the southeast of Muddy Grounds.


Crane was a character that belonged to Dying Light 1. You will find this easter egg in Dying Light 2 when Spike looks at the atmosphere when traveling through the Wilderness. When doing so, he reminisces about Crane, wondering how happy he’d have been if he was there to witness the beauty of the scenery.

So there you have it. These are the Easter Eggs in Dying Light 2 and how to find them in the game. As you can see, these eggs are special and often-nostalgic nods to the past. Even if you were not familiar with games of the past, you will still enjoy finding these Easter Eggs in the game.

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