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Lost Ark Easiest Class To Play

Looking for the easiest class to start playing in Lost Ark? Well, look no further as this guide has you covered.

If you are a new player who is just about to start playing Lost Ark then you should learn which is the easiest class. This game offers you 15 classes to play, so it is natural that some of them will be quite tough. Not to mention you will also have to consider things like PvP and PvE when picking a class. Worry not as this guide will help you with the easiest class that you can start your Lost Ark journey with.

Easiest Class in Lost Ark


lost ark easiest class

The easiest class to start playing Lost Ark is the Warrior class. The sole reason for this is they are tanky and yet have good enough abilities to give new players the hang of the game. While all three warriors that the game offers are good for you to play, you should start playing with Berseker.

Reasons why Berseker is the easiest class:


  • His attacks are melee, and his sword is big enough to cover a decent range when eliminating enemies.
  • The attacks Berseker does deal Area of Effect(AoE) damage.
  • This class is suited not only for PvE but also for PvP.
  • New players don’t have to put extra effort into builds and engravings. That is because while they give some much-needed boosts, new players can take their time in learning about them because Berseker is quite sustainable even without them.

What are the Best Starting Classes?

As mentioned above Warrior is the best Starting class. All three subclasses Berseker, Paladin, Gunlancer are good and have their own roles. But if you don’t want to use Warrior class then you could try the following classes.


  • Scrapper: She is a Martial Artist, which is quite recommended for beginners. The other Martial artists aren’t as accessible as Scrapper. She is good because she offers two playstyles. Complete beginners can go with Taijutsu, and other players who are a bit familiar with the game can try Shock Training. Just like Berseker, Scrapper is suited for both PvP and PvE.
  • Shadowhunter: She is a unique character and you should give her a try to make your playthrough interesting. Just like Martial Artist, the other Assassin isn’t as easy as her. She is a good pick as you get to experiment with both ranged and melee attacks. Some may find it unjustified to put her on this easiest or beginner-friendly class list. But once you give her a try you’ll realize how fun she is and that she isn’t as tough.

That sums up this guide on the easiest class to start playing as in Lost Ark. While these might be the easiest classes in the game I still recommend you to check our best classes tier list, as it will help you learn about the other characters. And if you want to pick up a Martial artist then you should check our other guide on the best martial artist class in Lost Ark.