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All Temtem available in its early access

Here are all Temtem in Temtem's early access release

Temtem is a beautiful creature collection game which works kind of like Pokemon, like such it has a huge roster of unique monsters which you can collect. Just like Pokemon, Temtem looks like it will certainly be a huge game and will be a part for years to come. Temtem Sherald: Here’s How To Catch & Evolve Your Sherald In Temtem

The early access did give us tons of Temtem to check out but did not meet the list of 161+ Temtems as stated earlier. A lot of them, however, are available now and you can check out the list of available Temtem in early access.


Here are all Temtem in Temtem’s early access release

  • Oree (Digital)
  • Zaobian (Digital)
  • Platypet (Water/Toxic)
  • Platox (Water/Toxic)
  • Platimous (Water/Toxic)
  • Swali (Nature)
  • Loali (Nature/Wind)
  • Tateru (Neutral)
  • Paharo (Wind)
  • Paharac (Wind)
  • Granpah (Wind)
  • Ampling (Electric)
  • Amphatyr (Electric/Nature)
  • Bunbun (Earth/Crystal)
  • Mudrid (Earth/Crystal)
  • Hidody (Nature)
  • Taifu (Nature)
  • Fomu (Water)
  • Wiplump (Water/Wind)
  • Skail (Neutral)
  • Skunch (Neutral/Melee)
  • Houchic (Mental)
  • Tental (Mental)
  • Orphyll (Nature/Toxic)
  • Nidrasil (Nature/Toxic)
  • Banapai (Fire)
  • Capyre (Fire)
  • Lapinite (Crystal)
  • Azuroc (Crystal)
  • Zenoreth (Crystal)
  • Bigu (Nature)
    Babawa (Nature/Water)
  • Kaku (Nature)
  • Saku (Nature/Wind)
  • Valash (Neutral/Crystal)
  • Barnshe (Mental/Wind)
  • Gyalis (Crystal/Melee)
  • Occlura (Crystal)
  • Myx (Crystal/Mental)
  • Raiber (Fire)
  • Raize (Fire)
  • Raican (Fire)
  • Pewki (Water)
  • Piraniant (Water)
  • Saipat (Water/Melee)
  • Crystle (Crystal)
  • Sherald (Crystal)
  • Hocus (Mental)
  • Pocus (Mental)
  • Sparzy (Electric)
  • Mushi (Toxic)
  • Mushook (Toxic/Melee)
  • Magmis (Fire)
  • Mastione (Fire)
  • Umishi (Water)
  • Ukama (Water)
  • Raignet (Electric)
  • Smazee (Melee)
  • Baboong (Melee)
  • Zizare (Earth)
  • Spriole (Nature)
  • Deendre (Nature)
  • Cerneaf (Nature)
  • Toxolotl (Toxic)
  • Noxolotl (Toxic)
  • Blooze (Toxic)
  • Goolder (Toxic)
  • Zephyruff (Toxic/Wind)
  • Volarend (Toxic/Wind)
  • Ganki (Electric/Wind)
  • Gazuma (Electric/Wind)
  • Oceara (Water)
  • Shuine (Crystal/Water)
  • Nessla (Water/Electric)
  • Valiar (Mental)
  • Kalazu (Water)
  • Kalabyss (Water/Toxic)
  • Adoroboros (Toxic/Mental)
  • Tuwai (Wind)
  • Tuvine (Wind/Crystal)
  • Kinu (Nature/Mental)
  • Vulvir (Fire/Earth)
  • Vulor (Fire/Earth)
  • Vulcrane (Fire/Earth)
  • Pigepic (Wind)
  • Anahir (Crystal/Fire)

This is not the complete list as there are twice as many still yet to be introduced and we will keep updating this list as and when the entire roster is made available.


This is all there is to know about the all the Temtem available in early access, make sure that you check out other guides on Temtem as well.