Temtem Sherald: Here’s How to Catch & Evolve Your Sherald in Temtem

Eddy Robert
3 Min Read

Temtem is a massively multiplayer creature collection adventure inspired by the popular game, Pokemon. Developed by CremaGames and published by Humble Bungle, TemTem which released on January 21, 2020, might be inspired by Pokemon but it is said to be far better than Pokemon. The game is yet to be completed but it has received a tremendous number of creatures for you to collect and add to your lineup.

In this Temtem Sherald guide, we will explain how you can catch and evolve Sherald in Temtem and other things which you must know.

All You Need to Know about Sherald in Temtem

First thing you should know about Sherald is, it is an evolved form of Crystle and can evolve into a third form later on. As of January 28, 2020, Temtem game’s final version is yet to be available.

Additionally, it does not look like it is possible to actually catch Sherald in the wild. If you wish this creature on your team, you will have to catch its first form called Crystle.

For the unversed, Crystal is nothing but one of three starters which are available to you at the beginning of the Temtem. So, if you decide to pick Crystle at the beginning, you are required to level it up 30 times and it will transform into Sherald. However, if you pick another starter, you can still catch Crystle in the wild.

Possible spawn locations for Crystle:

  • Mines of Mictlan
  • Kupeleleza

The above mentioned two locations are situated on Tucma, which is the fourth and final island you can access in the current Early Access build. Notably, finding Crystle is not easy and chances are high that you will have to spend more time hunting for it.

Sherald Types and Weaknesses

As we have mentioned above that Sherald is a Crystle-type Temtem, which means that it’s weak to Fire, Earth, and Melee-types. However, it will only deal half damage from Electric, Mental, and Toxic-types, and normal damage from the rest of the types.

Sherald has very high HP and defense stats, which makes it the very formidable tank for your party. It also has the potential to learn high priority Crystal-type moves later on, so it’s a pretty safe and useful choice to have in your lineup.

So that’s all you must know about how to evolve your Temtem. There are still lof things that yet to be discovered as the game gets updated and the deeper mechanics are added in.