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Dying Light 2 Beginner’s Guide (Survival Tips & Tricks)

Read this guide to learn all about surviving in Dying Light 2.

With Dying Light 2 here, hordes of players, including beginners, have excitedly begun the quest to rid the world of zombies and survive. The game’s rising popularity means that there are plenty of players who are new to the game. Figuring out the intricacies of Dying Light 2 can be rather tricky for beginners. If you too are a beginner and are just getting started with the game, we’ve got the perfect guide for you to begin with. Our beginner’s guide for Dying Light 2 will help you survive the terrifying zombies, while also making progress way easier. With this guide, you will be up and running slaying zombies in no time!

Dying Light 2 Beginner’s Survival Guide (Best Tips & Tricks)


In a nutshell, here’s of our best Dying Light 2 Beginner’s Survival Guide Tips & Tricks:

  • Master Your Parkour Skills
  • Explore the City
  • Stay Away From the Ground
  • Keep Going Out at Night
  • Combine Your Abilities From Skill Tree



Master Your Parkour Skills – Dying Light 2 Beginner’s Guide

The name probably says it all. One of the most important elements and skills to perfect in Dying Light 2 is Parkour. In the words of the devs “it is easy to learn, but hard to master”. Parkour will help you travel across large distances with cheetah-like speed. Along with being a quick way to travel, parkour will also keep you protected from the hordes of zombies after you.

In this Dying Light 2 Beginners guide, we recommend you practice parkour as much as possible. Doing so will help you stay away from Zombies, allowing you to preserve your health. Practice is important because failing to execute a parkour move will result in a loss of health and stamina.


Explore the City

Exploration is crucial to helping you gain access to plenty of useful items in Dying Light 2. As a beginner, one of the most important things to do to survive is to explore the world around you. There are high chances of you stumbling upon crucial resources like healing items and consumables that will help improve your abilities.

When exploring, we recommend you keep a special eye out for GRE (Global Relief Effort) facilities and rooftop stashes. Doing so can result in the easy acquisition of crafting materials and other helpful resources.


Stay Away from the Ground – DL2 Stay Human Survival Guide

If you wish to survive in Dying Light 2, we recommend you stay away from the streets, especially at night. Considering the fact that zombies cannot climb, they spend all of their time on the ground, waiting for their prey. The threat of staying on the ground is the biggest reason why parkour plays such an important role in the game.

Apart from Zombies, groups of bandits are another threat you need to worry about in Dying Light 2. I guess by now you probably get the hint. Stay away from the ground and spend time upon the rooftops!

Keep Going Out at Night in DL2 (Dying Light 2)

Considering how active zombies tend to be at night, it can be easy to shy away from the prospect of playing or exploring at night. However, we recommend you do the exact opposite, and that is to actually go out at night in the game to explore. The reason we make this recommendation is because of the higher probability of finding special recipes and upgrades that you can acquire by eliminating special infected zombies.

Areas of Dying Light 2 like Forsaken Stores and Dark Hollows make for great places to locate at night, as the zombies vacate these areas to roam the streets at night. If you do get caught out by a group of zombies at night, you can look for useful hiding spots that are spread all across the game’s vast map. If all else fails, you can simply make an outright run for it.

Combine Your Abilities From Skill Tree

A great way to combat the pesky zombies in Dying Light 2 and survive is by combining your abilities. Using a combination of parkour and combat skills will help you get the better of your undead enemies, giving you the upper hand during battle situations.

And that’s just about it. If you are a beginner who is new to the world of Dying Light 2, this guide will show you exactly how to survive. If you pay close attention to the guide and follow the steps carefully, you will find yourself enjoying and progressing really quickly. While the game might initially appear to be a little intimidating, a little bit of practice is all it takes to ensure you do well.

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