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All Difficulty Settings In Dying Light 2 – Which Should You Choose?

Read this guide to learn all about the difficulty settings in Dying Light 2, and which one you should choose.

Choosing a difficulty in a game like Dying Light 2 can make a massive difference to your overall experience. Usually, players pick their difficulties based on experience. However, some also like to challenge themselves by picking a difficulty they are not familiar with. DL2 features three difficulties, namely Easy, Normal, & Hard. A lot of players who are newer to the game might be wondering which of the game’s difficulties are the right ones to choose. If so, we have got just the guide for you. Here, we will show you all of the difficulty settings in Dying Light 2, as well as which one you should choose.

Dying Light 2 Difficulty Settings – Which Should you Choose?



Easy – Dying Light 2 Difficulty Settings

As the name probably suggests, this happens to be the most friendly of the three difficulty modes available in Dying Light 2. What this means is that the enemies you come across will not pose much of a challenge, and beating them will be a piece of cake. The enemies you encounter with this difficulty will be low on health, making it easy to take them down. Additionally, you will notice that resources will be readily accessible in most places. This translates to the presence of a large number of tools and equipment in your inventory.


Normal Difficulty

Moving on from Easy, we arrive at the Normal difficulty in Dying Light 2. This particular difficulty setting seems to slot itself right in the middle, making it a mix of Easy and Hard. When playing in the Normal difficulty, you will come across enemies that offer a steady, balanced experience. While killing them may not be as easy, you will still be able to knock them out with some extra effort. Enemies here will have more health, so keep this in mind when you go against them.

Hard Difficulty


We now arrive at the final difficulty available for players to choose from in Dying Light 2. This is the toughest and most difficult level you can play the game with. The enemies in this setting are immensely smart, and you will have to work really hard to make sure they do not find a way around your tactics. Additionally, you will need to use stealth instead of raw strength. Stocking up on resources will also become crucial, especially because of its scarcity in the Hard difficulty.

Which Difficulty should you Choose?

When it comes down to choosing a difficulty, it all depends on you, the player. Considering the varying difficulty between the 3 choices, there are several factors that will affect your choices. One of the biggest factors is experience. If you feel confident about taking on the terrifying zombies without batting an eyelid, you can simply go ahead and pick Hard.


However, if you feel like you need some time to get accustomed to the feel and mechanics of the game, you can go with the Easy difficulty. In fact, we recommend starting out with the Easy or Normal modes so that you get a grip on the game’s workings.

How to Change Difficulty?

To change the difficulty in DL2, you need to first press the Escape button. Next, click on Options. Now, scroll right to the bottom of the resultant list until you arrive at the option to change the game difficulty. Click on the arrow here until you find the difficulty of your choice. Once you leave the options screen, your changes will come into effect.

And that’s about it. As you may have now read with this guide, you will have a more profound understanding of the different types of difficulties in Dying Light 2. With this knowledge, you will be able to decide which difficulty suits you best.

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