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Diablo Immortal: What To Do With Duplicate Legendary Items

Collected extra or duplicate Legendary items in Diablo Immortal? Here's what you can do with it.

Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play game out on Android and iOS which has garnered attention from players old and new since its launch. In the game, you play as one of the solo classes, Demon Hunter, Monk, Wizard, Necromancer, Barbarian, and Crusader. The plot of the game is set between Diablo II and Diablo III. While playing the solo class you will collect a few Legendary Items and since it’s an RNG, there might be extra items or even duplicate ones. So let’s check out what you can do with these extra and duplicate legendary items in Diablo Immortal.

What to Do With Extra & Duplicate Legendary Items in Diablo Immortal


What To Do With Extra Legendary Items Diablo Immortal

While playing one of the classes you will often collect items. These items suit your character class. Some items are even Legendary Items, collected from Dungeons or Elder Rift. These Legendary Items offer upgrades to your character, and gear, and develop the build further.

It’s quite obvious that you don’t look whether the Legendary Item will be an extra or a duplicate. So what to do with Legendary Items that are extra or a duplicate in Diablo Immortal.


You can salvage the items by going to a Blacksmith in any city. Instead of keeping it in your Stash where you won’t find any use for it, it is better that you salvage and collect the parts in return.

This will rid you of lower-level extra items and duplicate Legendary Items and create much-needed space in your Stash.

Some salvage parts might even come to use in upgrading current items, armor, and gear.


That’s all you need from this guide on what to do with Extra and Duplicate Legendary Items in Diablo Immortal. While you are here, make sure you do not miss out on our Leveling Guide, Paragon System Guide, and other Diablo Immortal guides, tips, and tricks right here on Gamer Tweak.