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How To Play Duotrigordle & Best Strategy For Answers

Want to play this more challenging version of Wordle? Here's how to complete all 32 Wordles at once.

Is Wordle too easy? Then, it’s time to try Duotrigordle where you must solve 32 Wordles at once. Yes, 32 Wordles at a time can be intimidating which is why this tips guide can come in handy. Solving this daily can give you major bragging rights, so let’s get into the strategies you need to follow to get to your answers as quickly as possible.

How to Play Duotrigordle (Rules)

best tips and strategies to play duotrigordle

Here are the basic rules you need to keep in mind.

  • Players must guess all 32 words in 37 tries.
  • With every word you guess, you will see grey, yellow or green blocks, just like Wordle.
  • Grey means that those letters are not present in the word.
  • Yellow means that the letters are there, just not in that position.
  • Green means that the letter is in its exact spot.
  • Keep guessing until you complete all 32 boards. The tracker of the guesses used and boards completed is at the top of the page.
  • One word guessed applies to all boards – which is where the challenge begins!

Best Starting Words

Since this is just Wordle x 32, you can start with the words having the most vowels. This will allow you to form your next guess based on the vowels that exist in the words across the boards.

Best Tips and Strategy to Win

wordle clone spinoff which is more challenging

As soon as you load up into duotrigordle.com, you will see plenty of blocks in 4 rectangular boards, which is a lot. Whichever word you guess first, will show up on every board and once you hit ENTER, you will see if any of the letters are actually present in the 4 answers. Here are some of the best tips and strategies that will help you solve and win the game.

  • Make sure to click on individual boards to see the letters highlighted in every color. If you don’t do this, each letter will be packed with greens and yellows, which will create further confusion.
  • Keep scrolling and give priority to the boards which have more green letters.
  • The second priority is to complete the boards with more yellows because it can give you more ideas for words.
  • Try to make new attempts with words having (almost) all the letters that remain grey in the keyboard below. This will ensure that you can get the non-existent letters out of the way as well.
  • As soon as a board is solved, it will grey out.
  • Now it’s a matter of eliminating letters in your next guesses. Only consider the position of the green letters as fixed. Then make another word with a yellow letter by eliminating any options with a grey letter. As you keep doing this right, boards will keep greying out.
  • Don’t forget that you can scroll to a particular board by clicking on the number block at the top.
  • Every guess matters so take your time and guess carefully. Always think about the big picture before making your next guess. You don’t want to use a lot of guesses, just to fill up one board.
  • Keep note of the fixed letters you have on every board. Then, calculate your next best guess that will benefit you for multiple answers. This will take time so don’t rush.
  • It’s okay if you need to take some extra help with searches like “5 letter words ending in __” or “5 letter words starting with __” (we’ve got you covered on Gamer Tweak).

And that’s all there is to it! Practice daily and you will get a hang of it soon. If you are obsessed with this game, try some more Wordle spinoffs as well.